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Hello, we are Firefly Creative, an advertising agency in Toronto that focuses on journey marketing. What does that mean? It means that we don’t just give you marketing solutions because we have them lying around. It’s our job to map out your brand journey, and intersect it with your customer’s buying journey. That way every creative campaign we do for you is strategic, creative and effective.


What is Journey Marketing?

Think about the different ways you buy products. Do you buy a car with the same mindset as you do a chocolate bar? Probably not. Journey marketing involves mapping out what the buyer’s journey is, and then putting strategically creative marketing solutions against it to help our clients reach the right audience at the right time.

During this stage, the main focusing of all marketing solutions is to let the world know that a product actually exists a good KPIs to judge if the marketing is working or not. We cannot assume that anyone will jump straight into the buying stage from this point. This is merely an introduction, where your product or services comes to the stage to say hello.

Once the audience knows you exist, you must give them more information to help them feel comfortable with your brand. Good KPIs here are website visits, content downloads, page likes, subscribes, newsletter signups, phone calls for more information.
This is the assurance stage, people still may not be ready to buy, so expecting sales to hit the roof at this stage is still not something you should expect.

Now that they are showing a bit of interest, it is time to engage them in a two, way conversation. Ask the audience to participate. Let them get closer to your brand. KPIs here are based around engagement. Comments, reactions, uploads, tags, retweets, favourites, coupon redemptions are all ways to see if this phase of your marketing is working.

This aspect of the marketing phase makes sure that the leads that have been gathered and the audience that has been engaged does not lose interest. KPIs here are email opens, clickthroughs, time spent on websites, responses to followups etc.

This is where a customer finally is ready to buy a service or a product. Here the obvious KPI is the sale. This aspect of marketing is the responsibility of the marketer. The right price point, a competitive edge, a personable sales person or a smooth online transaction will all make the difference between making or breaking a sale.

A one time buy is great, but a true customer is one who comes back. This phase makes sure that customers do come back. KPIs here are repeat purchases.

The best kind of customers are those you bring you even more customers. It’s extremely important to always keep them close to your brand and provide them with plenty of incentives to do your marketing for you. KPIs here are shares and referrals.

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"After a couple of decades in practice, the thought of branding and becoming a social media expert was daunting. Firefly helped me launch my new firm, website, branding, and social media. I repeatedly recommend them to anyone who does not have their youthful energy and enthusiasm!"

Kelly Jordan, Kelly D. Jordan Family Law Firm

"I work with Shivani and her team on a regular basis. They are experts in SEO, lead generation, website development and their strategic and creative ideas are always on point. Plus they are a pleasure to work with. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a wholistic digital marketing campaign."

Sarah Zeldman

"I’ve had the opportunity to work with Shivani, Joe and the Firefly team for a few years now. I project managed them on behalf of the Italian soda drink, Brio, to establish Brio’s social media presence on Instagram. As a result of their efforts, we were able to triple our fan base in months. They particularly excelled at creating short video clips and creating memes. They’d go above and beyond and attend marketing efforts to capture high quality still imagery and video testimonials. They made out-tasking social media to an agency while maintaining your brand identity easy. Wish them all the best."

Dihan Chandraratne, Brio

"I have been working with Firefly and Shivani for the last five years. Beforehand, I had interviewed a number of different digital marketing firms. After meeting Shivani and her team, I was most impressed by their innovation, imagination and familiarity with all of the various IT tools available to take my digital presence to the next level. They have continued to impress me with their intelligence, creativity and customer service. I consider myself a demanding client and Firefly has met and exceeded my expectations. I have only positive reviews of Firefly and would recommend them to any business looking for innovative solutions to web design, social media and business development."

Steve Benmor , Benmor Family Law Group

"The Firefly team approached us with an unsolicited proposal that was so compelling, it demanded our attention. And, are we ever glad we looked at it! As a group of volunteers with Rotary Etobicoke, we are passionate about the Toronto Ribfest – because the Festival provides tens of thousands of families with a memorable, safe, fun experience; and, it raises money for local charities.

Firefly matched our passion and went well beyond their original concepts to produce an eye-catching, easy to use web site that continues to impress as we deliver our third Toronto Ribfest with it. Working with them was a pleasure because of how easy it became to trust them to not only listen to and understand what we needed but to surprise us with even more than what was expected. Always happy to let others know, Firefly is a terrific web and marketing partner!"

Hugh Williams, Rotary Etobicoke

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